Bob Snodgrass

Bob Snodgrass is the Godfather of artistic hard glass in the USA. In North America, Eugene, Oregon, is the mecca for artist boro glass (Pyrex, Duran, Kimble glass) and there is no greater concentration of glass artists than in that area. The high number of artists in the area is due to the presence of Bob Snodgrass, his family and his students. His dedication to quality art has earned him tremendous respect in the community. Many of the glassblowers in the area can trace their roots back to Bob Snodgrass.

Bob Snodgrass and his family traveled throughout the United States until they came to Oregon in 1990, and they decided to stay because they liked the weather, the people and the atmosphere. "There was a larger collection of artists at the Saturday Market than all the other places I had been to," Bob said. He has worked with glass since 1971 in Ohio, where he is originally from, but it was not until 1981 that glassblowing became his full-time occupation. "I traded my woodworking tools for glassblowing tools," says Bob.

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