Pyrology Glass

A branch of physical science, which treats of the properties, phenomena, or effects of heat—the perfect correlation between “Who we are and what we do.” A name chosen as a representation of our craft, and to emulate the precision and complexity of the design we create here in our studio. Fusing art and science in a functional and practical package often missed at this level of production.

By law, Pyrology Glass is a partnership; we consider it a brotherhood of sorts. What this means to us is that we are a democracy as a company. It’s not one opinion, one idea, one thought pattern that drives us. It’s the blending of our individual styles, creativity, and ambitions that continue to push us forward.

Our mission as a company is simple in theory, but it also an objective that we readily accept can never truly be achieved—infinite progression. With confidence, we intend on creating a new industry standard. Achieving this by never being satisfied, never becoming complacent, and constantly trying to outdo ourselves. This is the promise we make to our supporters, to progress this industry in a way that has never been done before.