About Us

About Cupboard Glass Pipes:

CupboardGlassPipes.com is a premium curator of fine, functional glass art and a complete source for all glass pipe and tobacco needs.  The online store brings only the finest quality and all American artists to customers nationwide.  Rooted in tradition, the original Cincinnati-based store, The Cupboard, opened shop in the mid 60’s, at the dawn of the counterculture. Cupboardglasspipes.com maintains the ideals of their Cincinnati store and extends it nation-wide through a user-friendly and artistic online gallery shop.  Their close-knit and knowledgeable staff forms relationships with customers, informing and supporting them in their quest for the finest glass pipe experience available.  Both novice and expert alike will find exactly the products they need.  With a strong tradition of selling products that allow freedom of expression for the customers, Cupboard Glass Pipes provide a large selection of products that enhance smoking pleasure.  Cupboard Glass Pipes is proud to support American artists and American jobs.


About The Cupboard:

The Cupboard was founded in 1967 by co-founders Phil & Nancy in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Glass art pipes were unheard of, but Nancy had the vision that this would become a big thing.  She and Phil took the initiative to buy in before anyone else and display glass pipes in their store in such a way that the store became an art gallery, an artistic experience and a welcoming, family-driven atmosphere. It became Cincinnati’s one-stop shop for all tobacco needs and allowed local artists a forum for exhibiting functional glass art pieces.

“Two of the few people who institutionalized the idea of using glass pipes were Nancy and Phil from The Cupboard in Cincinnati.  Nancy had a way of putting the pipes on display and making them so that they were accepted and cool.  People began to understand the whole idea of how glass color change worked and why glass was better.”   - Ken from Chameleon Glass

Nancy used her artistic, creative talent and Phil used his engineering skills to display glass art pipes with intense, intimate lighting, on black velvet shelves in antique glass cases that caused the glass to twinkle and refract colors, highlighting them as genuine works of art.  Nancy and Phil created a new “physical” landscape for the sale of glass art pipes, and now their family is honoring them by expanding to the digital world: allowing nation-wide visitors to enjoy what used to be only available locally in Cincinnati.

The Cupboard is one of the oldest shops of its type in the United States, and is considered an industry patriarch.  Their stores included Dr. FeelGood’s Chest Covers, The Greenery and The Wholesome Earth in Ohio and Off the Wall in Seattle, Washington.   

The Cupboard name has continually highlighted new industry trends, unparalleled customer service, and passion for glass art. Over four generations of friends and customers have enjoyed The Cupboard in Cincinnati, Ohio and now we are bringing that same passion, knowledge, and eclectic selection online to CupboardGlassPipes.com.