Video Transcript

This is John from The Cupboard, interviewing for The Cupboards Artists Insights. We’re here in Las Vegas with Ian, from the Original Dab-Station. Ian, tell us about the Dab-Station.

All right. So, right here are one of our products that we feature, the Original Dab-Station. Our five-arm product right here comes with three attachments.

We have our specialized anti-lock dome, which is designed so instead of storing it on the ground joint overnight and having a problem of lock-up, it hangs right off the edge, convenient. It also features our two, screw top, airtight stash-cans, as well as two dabber holders. What fits perfectly is the Vector torch, as well as other models.

The Dab-Station comes in a five-arm, a four-arm, a three-arm, and a two-arm. The five-arm model, not only is it a customer product, but it really caters to the connoisseur. It delivers your all-in-one storage compartment. Keeps everything contained, and clean, and organized. Convenient for anyone. Thank you.