Video Transcript

Doug (MC): Thank you for coming out to Hang-Over Easy’s Hoeboe Garden for The Cupboard’s second glassblowing event: The Returndem of the Burndem.

Doug (MC): Burndem is a group of Cincinnati glassblowers that consists of Pat Haeger, Migoo, Kvon, Bryglass, Justin Davis and Ites. They’re all up there right now working on something for you, make sure you step up there and see what they’ve got.

Doug (MC): The glassblowers of Burndem have been blowing glass together from as early as 1998, making some of the finest functional glass-art pieces in the Tri-State area. They have, however, not been together since 2011. A big thank you to Kvon for coming from Arizona, and a big thank you to Justin for coming all the way from Colorado. These guys have reunited for all of you today to bring you a live glassblowing demonstration while also talking to you about their craft.

Doug (MC): Another big reason that we’re all here today is because this is a charity event being held for the Wounded Warrior Project. The Wounded Warrior Project was established in 2003, when several veterans and friends were moved by the stories of wounded service members who were returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. They took action to help others in need. The Wounded Warrior Project helps support the rehabilitation and recovery from the visible, and invisible, wounds of war.

Migoo: Pat’s doing something interesting right now with dots. He’d gone around and laid the dot pattern around the circle and melted it in, now he’s going in between those dots and doing a little twist, creating a little swirl that connects each dot, it’s going be kind of hard to see from a distance, but it creates a really neat fish-scale like pattern.