Video Transcript

Hi. This is John from The Cupboard in Cincinnati, Ohio, with another addition of The Cupboard's Artists Insights. And we are here in Las Vegas interviewing Tye and Chelsea, from Hard Times Glass. Guys, welcome. Tell us about your great product.

Tye Whelan:
Yeah, my name is Tye. I'm from Hard Times Glass. This is my step-daughter, Chelsea. You know, a lot of people always ask me why we do the prison bars and barbed wire. This is to represent my brother that is doing life in prison for a crime he didn't commit. Also, the Hard Times, it is hard times right now. The economy is tough. So we came out with an inexpensive line to help people get through the hard times. So, what we got here is an inexpensive line of really high quality, because times are hard, you know.

One thing we do, like this is for smoking the flower. You know, back in the day, everyone was smoking nothing but flower. Then, when you smoke flower, there is, like, a lot of toxins that you have to filter out. So, you want to go through a lot of water, you want to come up again. You want to filter again. So that by the time you inhale it, you've filtered out most of the toxins.

But, now the oil scene is crazy right now. So, one thing you have got to remember is when you're smoking oil, they have already filtered out all of the toxins. So, we bring it down to a pure form. So, you don't want to go through a triple or a double filter. You don't want to have a 16, 18 inch tube for oils. What you want to do, you want it all to happen in about two inches. So, you want to keep just enough water to take the burn off of it, so you get a smooth hit. That's why we came out with these. We got a nice little diffuser, all American-made, fixed to the bottom. You just go through enough water to take the burn off of it and you get a nice, smooth hit.