Video Transcript

John:                Tell us who or what inspired you to be a glass blower.

Ryno:               Pipes inspired me to be a glass blower. Then when I saw glass being blown I was even more drawn to it.

John:                What are you doing that's new? Something you haven't done before?

Ryno:               I'm just elaborating on the common rubber ducky and different themes of good versus evil with a rubber ducky.

John:                What's behind the rubber ducky theme?

Ryno:               That was just a good, fond, childhood memories and I decided to make some rubber duckies one day.

John:                What is your favorite piece?

Ryno:               My favorite piece? What that I've made or, like, just out there?

John:                Your favorite piece that you've made.

Ryno:               That I've made. I've been doing this for a long time and there's a lot of good pieces. I'm constantly trying to progress and expand on things that I'm doing. There's a lot out there. I'm really fond of that lord piece that we just made. I'm very proud of the recycler that I have back there, good versus evil ducky recycler. There's a number of collaborations  that I'm really proud of too that I've done with a lot of people.  Like Coyle we've done some great stuff. Joe Peters and a bunch of my friends.

John:                So who's your favorite artist out there right now? Who do you really look up to?

Ryno:               Favorite artist? You know, all of these guys are my friends, and everybody's got such unique styles and outlooks and approaches on this stuff that I can't narrow it down to one.

John:                Fair enough. How can The Cupboard help you stay in touch with your fans with social media? How do we find you?

Ryno:               Oh, yeah you can contact me on Facebook, Ryno O'Keefe, or on Instagram SDRYNO and ... Yeah.


John:                The piece that's in the store. Tell us a little bit about the piece that they can find at the cupboard.

Ryno:               This is a rubber ducky bulldozer that I made with Justin Lord, an awesome artist out of New York. It's basically a cool squared rubber ducky. It's got some treads and a cool scoop that it can bulldoze any ducky's around that it might need to.

Ryno:               For the customer that buys this piece what would you want them to know? What story would you like them to take home?

John:                That this is just a fun collaboration between two artists that had a great time and this is the product of that.

Ryno:               Cool.

John:                Who's the other artist?

John:                Who's the other artist that helped you out with this?

Ryno:               Justin Lord.

John:                Tell us about when you made it what you guys went through and how you went back and forth.

Ryno:               Well I go about making the rubber ducky and he works with squares so we squared out the head. He made the scoop and I made the attachments and we really put it all together. Just like that.

John:                Cool. Anything you would want your fans to know about that they may not know about you right now? What would surprise them?

Ryno:               Surprise them? Not much except that I really appreciate everything that they do for me and the support they give me and I put everything I got into this so I appreciate it.


John [00:02:14]:          Tell us a little bit about the piece that's in the store right now?

Ryno O'Keefe:             This is an awesome piece by me and and another artist named Lorde. He does a lot of construction themed pieces. What we have here, is a rubber ducky bulldozer and it's got some threads and a cool scoop and a little exhaust and it's a nice little rubber ducky bulldozer.

John:                            For the lucky customer who ends up buying this, give them a little back story about what went into building this piece that you would want the person who buys this to know.

Ryno O'Keefe:             Yeah, we put a lot of time into this thing and it was a combination of a couple thought processes that got us to this and it was just a lot of fun to make as you can see. I think it shows in the piece.

John:                            Anything your fans should know that they may not know about you? What don't we know?

Ryno O'Keefe:             What don't we know? Not much, it's all out in the open. I love to blow glass and skateboard and that's what I do every day.

John:                Cool thanks man.