Video Transcript

John:                            Hey, we are here with Zii, at DFO, in Eugene, Oregon. Hey Zii, what have you enjoyed about DFO and is this your first time here?

Zii:                               What do I enjoy about the DFO? Well, everybody is here obviously. There is a lot going on. And, yeah, that's basically what I enjoy about it. And this is my second time here. Last year I competed and this year I'm was just doing a demo.

John:                            Yeah, great! It's awesome here. Good time, good people. Really enjoying it. So you did a demo earlier. How was that?

Zii:                               I demoed yesterday. It went really well. I just decided to make a couple of easy, well not necessarily easier pieces, but just didn't think it would take as long, wouldn't be as complicated and we did like a three hour demo. So I made a jar and a bottle and a pendant.

John:                            Nice, all good pieces. Great. Is there anything specific that you're working on right now?

Zii:                               Specific, working on right now, ... nothing specific. I mean this is kind of like my little vacation, so I hadn't really thought about it yet, but once I get back home I'll make a lot of stuff.

John:                Zii one of my favorite pieces is the full set of dentures and it's very, very popular. What was going on when you are making those? Like what do you like most about that piece?

Zii:                   That is actually one of my favorite pieces that I've made and it was inspired by an actual set of dentures and I found them in a graveyard. My car is really cool, it's a Camaro Zii28 from 1978 and I was having the mufflers fix or put on or everything. I was hanging out and like taking a walk and I was walking through this graveyard and I found somebody's dentures on the ground. I picked them up and I put it in my purse and at first I was like I really want to make this piece but I didn't have the confidence to do it and I just can't and there was like some stuff I needed to figure out in order to make that because I don't really make the teeth the way everybody else does.

                        I did figure out a good way to make it and everything and I build up my confidence and then first I'd made the top row of dentures and it was like, okay, we got to take it to the next step and I made the full set with the top row and the bottom row. It was a difficult piece to make but I think the way I did, it came out really good and I was really proud of it and yeah it's like one of my, like the whole teeth thing that I do that's like one of my favorite pieces. It's a full set of dentures pipe is one of my favorites.

John:                Yeah. It's absolutely amazing. It gets a lot of attention for sure. Thanks for sharing your art with us.

Zii:                   Thank you.


John:                Wonderful. Well, you can look for Zii's work at The Cupboard and at Thanks to Cornerstone for hosting DFO and thank you Zii for taking your time.

Zii:                               Absolutely. Thank you.