Video Transcript

Hi this is John from The Cupboard in Cincinnati, Ohio and today on Cupboard's Artists Insights we're in Las Vegas to talk to That Guy.

I'm That Guy from bringing you the Nug Out, Take your medical cannabis, now you can load the proper amount, two containers, sealed lid, magnetizes in place. With just a push of the corner you can open the lid. Stays shut.

Got other products as well. The J Tray. Got a rubber gasket as well, holds four rolls your own, sealed tight.
We also have the Backpacker Tray. Allows you to take your medication with you on the go, travel. Sealed tight, in your bag or in your bedroom drawer. All of our lids have a rolling tray.

This is our Grand Daddy Tray. The tray for everybody. It's got a 10 by 10 pollen screen, real stainless steel, holds your oil pad, all your [inaudible] devices, magnetizes in place. This lid also has a rolling tray.

We also have our Hybrid Tray. Fits all your oil rigs, all your domes and devices. You got it.