Video Transcript

This is John from The Cupboard in Cincinnati, Ohio. Today on Cupboard Artist Insights, we’re in Las Vegas to talk to someone else from Cincinnati, Ken from Chameleon Glass, who’s been in business and in Cincinnati a long time.

Hey, Ken at Chameleon Glass. A little history on Chameleon Glass for those of you in Cincinnati. Number one, I live on Cincinnati chili. Skyline’s my favorite. All right? Please forgive me. I’m from Cleveland, so don’t hold it against me too much. We’ve been selling to The Cupboard for many, many years.

Today, what I’m going to tell you about is a little bit of our history with The Cupboard. A long time ago, when Nancy got into having glass, when glass was unheard of, it [inaudible], she bought when no one else was. She had a way of putting the pipes out, making them so that they were okay, so that shops carried them. People began to understand the whole idea of how color change worked and why glass was better.

When you look around at this show right now, one of the few people who actually institutionalized the idea of using a glass pipe was actually Nancy and Phil from The Cupboard in Cincinnati. If you’re watching this at the store right now, you’re actually participating in the ongoing history of glass pipes in our business. Make sure to enjoy and know that you’re part of where it all started.