Video Transcript

Tell us about this outstanding piece.

I’m here to talk about a piece that I did last year, in 2012, called The Gear Goddess. This is a partial collab with a man named Zach Puchowitz out of Philly. He came over to visit me in Seattle last year, and we had a great time together. When he left, he left me with a bag full of his gears. If you know anything about Zach Puchowitz, he’s famous for his punished heads and his characters that are very mechanical and very gear-oriented. When he left me that bag, I just knew I had to put that in combination with one of my goddesses, so The Gear Goddess was born.

It’s one of my favorite pieces to date just because it’s probably the most masculine piece I’ve ever done, where most of my work is very flowy. This one is definitely … Any male would love to have it. Some of the features on it is the screwdriver for the lips. That’s one of my favorite parts of it. Also, she’s got a turn in the back like a crank, where you can turn her, and she almost looks like she’s in movement.