Video Transcript


Hi. This is Cupboard from the Cupboard in Cincinnati, Ohio. Today on the Cupboard presents Artist Insights. We're at the Cupboard to talk with Steve Sizelove.

How did you get into glassblowing?

Steve Sizelove:
I learned how to blowglass by accident in Boulder, Colorado in '95. I was an art school dropout in some neighbors were in the beginning stages of learning and they gave me the opportunity to try and I got hooked.

I like pretty much all aspects of glass. Each different style has certain attributes to it that are appealing. If things are done well in each of those styles and then the work can carry itself. I enjoy making the work. Once I make it, I wanted to find a home so somebody else can enjoy it into the future.

I got in the last year. After doing this for 18 years, I hadn't really had quite the challenge of something new, like I have lately with learning to work on the Late. I'm trying to combine a lot of my bench hand working skills with pieces on the Late.

I recently had the good fortune to make a piece with Eusheen and Robert Nicolson. That was a lot of fun. I'd say maybe I got my dream collab there.

The cover is awesome and the selection of pieces and the quality of pieces here is amazing. It's really cool to see.

Thanks, Steve. We love your artwork, and everyone can come to the Cupboard in Cincinnati, Ohio to check it out.