Cherry Glass

Cherry Glass is a family owned business in Northern Minnesota. Owner and founder, Scot Bennett, began Cherry Glass in 2006, following a four-year internship, though he has been blowing glass since 2002.

Specializing in unique electroformed pieces, Cherry Glass creates a variety of functional and non-functional hand-blown glass art. In addition to incorporating crystals, stones, and Brazilian agate slabs into their pieces, Cherry Glass, includes real insects into their pieces through the process of electroforming them and seamlessly adding them to their art. Scot and his family spend three months each year collecting bugs where they live to be included in their art. Collectors and friends, however, ship many of the insects, to Cherry Glass.

In 2012, Scot's Mother began helping him with his glass pieces by electroforming many of the insects and adding them to his pieces. Also, Scot started an apprentice program of his own, which now includes his wife, Ryan, and his good friend, Ty, who are both apprenticing with Scot now.

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