Darby Holm

“Forged from the heart of an oak tree and born deep in Bigfoot country in southern Oregon, my journey in life began. Destined to be a self-sustained artist, I quickly dove into the stereotypical life of a ‘starving artist’ with little to no income. I learned fast and found my way doing odd jobs to support my habit of painting on windows or detail accents on cars, some T-shirt designs and many drawings on whatever I found cool at the time. Glass found me in the mid-1990′s... like a moth to a light I could not look away. On April 5, 1996, I lit my own torch for the first time under the guidance of my younger brother, Carsten Carlile. From that point on, I realized the glass world was wide open and all mine to play with and explore as I pleased.”

“Thanks to an incredible community of like-minded and equally talented family and friends I have watched this industry grow into something I am very proud to be a part of today.”