EHLE Glass

EHLE Glass was founded as “Guther Ehle Glasinstrumenten-fabrik” in Limburg, Germany in 1949 by Thomas Ehle’s father. In 1988, Thomas took over the company and EHLE’s first line of water pipes was born. Coming from a long line of glassblowers and earning his Master of Glass Apparatus Engineering in 1993, his work took the world by storm. Today, they are one of the top glass pipe manufacturers in Europe. The year 2015 marked a new era of innovation and collaboration when “Guther Ehle Glasinstrumenten-fabrik” merged with “Burdich Laborbedarf GmbH” and the EHLE Glass company we know today for its extraordinary fine quality water pipes was created. A hit with collectors and enthusiasts for many years, The Cupboard is proud to be one of the first U.S. smoke shops to bring these amazing pipes to the American market!