Emperial Glass

Formerly known as Empire Tubes

Corey Davie, the Eugene Dream, is the Master artisan behind Emperial Glass. With over a decade behind the torch, he continues to put his expertise to use by putting his hands on every piece made by Emperial Glass at some point in the production process. Emperial Glass is the only nationally available water pipe company that produces all of its tubes on rollers. This technique is both laborious and takes significantly more time than the industry standard of using a lathe, however, the end result is a tube with a thick ball. It is this ball that is then shaped into the base of the beaker of a tube. A thicker base means it lasts longer. Call it wholesome, honest and old-fashioned. It is all part of the evolution of the industry.

Emperial Glass continues to make every single piece they sell (including the down stems and bowls) right in their shop in Eugene, Oregon.