Hamm's Waterworks

Hamm Brushland, known to his contemporaries and glass collectors simply as Hamm, is one of the world's most innovative and experimental glass blowers. Hamm is the inventor of the recycler. He has also pioneered many of the other diffusion systems, which are commonplace in today's water pipe industry.

Hamm began blowing glass at a very early age, often telling the story of how he started out in a simple garage with a welding torch and some glass test tubes. Though he has humble roots as a lamp worker, his work has taken him to the pinnacle of the glass water pipe industry.

Having achieved success for his creativity and innovations in the United States and abroad, Hamm has won awards at the Champs Glass Games, the Degenerate Flameoff, and the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. His eleven-foot tall scientific glass rocking chair, is claimed to be the single largest piece of lamp-worked glass in history.

He has recently launched a line of glass under the brand “Hamm's Waterworks” to make his products more accessible to collectors. Now known as the “mad scientist” of the industry, Hamm currently resides and blows glass near Eugene, Oregon. He continues to research and innovate new water diffusion system, while traveling to expos and competitions around the world.

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