Matt Robertson / meGLASSWORKS

It was early in life when Matt Robertson knew he was meant to be a professional artist. He spent many years working in different mediums before discovering glass blowing while attending Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario in 2003. Matt completed Sheridan’s Craft and Design Glass program where he learned techniques in both soft (soda lime) and hard glass (borosilicate) from established international artists. After graduating from Sheridan College Matt moved to Eugene, Oregon which is renowned as a mecca for glassblowers. It was in Eugene where Matt began developing meGLASS.

“What up y’all, my name is Matt! I try and make work that is a little different from everything else out there, pieces that POP when you see them on a shelf. Every piece is signed and inspected for quality assurance before it leaves my shop.”

“I love what I do and in turn, I put a little of that love into each and every piece I make. After the wood rots and the metal rusts, the glass will still shine. Watch out for me. BLESS!”