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Roor, the German glassware company, started in the 1980's by 'Martin Birzle'. The name comes from the word 'micROORganism' and sounds like the German word for pipe 'Rohr'. The ROOR Collection is an expression of the harmony between tradition and zeitgeist. It invites you to relax, collect and share. They are the first to use diffuser down stems and they developed the percolator tree.

Nearly two decades ago, the glass blower Martin Birzle began to develop hand-blown water pipes for a few friends. Today, the individualist and artist puts his team under the name ROOR unique products from world class manufactures. The fascinating combination of function and design make ROOR water pipes and accessories the most sought-after cult objects in the third millennium.

RoorTech is successful for many reasons—the processing of extremely thick-walled glass of pure borosilicate (Schott Duran), a carefully balanced range, the clean lines and the unique design inspire customers from all over the world who are looking for something special. RoorTech provides personalized customer support and a unique repair service for its customers.

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