Sohiyo Glass

SoHiYo is a lifestyle, a state of mind, and the inspiration for all of our creativity. It was originally founded in 2012, to inspire creativity within the cannabis movement. We have created and collaborated on a series of SoHiYo apparel, which is available through our site. It’s not a movement, it’s a state of mind! We work with natural and organic ingredients, such as bamboo, hemp, cotton, and other natural woods.

The SoHiYo crew has partnered with artists around the world on collaborations for apparel and accessories. Ranging from some of the dopest glass artists behind a torch to other creative artists, SoHiYo thrives to provide you with the freshest gear around made from the best quality material available.

Our mission is to provide a greener alternative for lifestyle apparel, and to inspire creativity within others.

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