Highly Educated - V3 Titanium Nail Turbine 14mm

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This head differs from the traditional V3 Style head by having a larger cap volume with less mass. This allows the top to heat up faster while still being able to contain a larger amount of volume. Inside the top the dish rises to a conic point resembling that of a turbine engine. The turbine point is not only aesthetic but it serves a purpose that when touched to the tip of any of our titanium dabbers, the heat transfer passed allows your material to slip from the ti dabber with room to fall rather then boiling up the dabber. When level, the curved surface inside makes the material seek out new surface area and prevents pooling in the center.

The Highly Educated Patent Pending V3 Titanium Concentrate Nail is the first fully and infinitely adjustable titanium nail. The V3 nail solves the majority of problems discovered with fixed titanium nails. The V3 thin fins are able to move freely up & down the entire length of the shaft. This makes the nail height adjustable allowing the nail to work more efficiently with a wider variety of glass domes. The threaded shaft also allows for the counterweight to be removed to accommodate extra small glass joints.


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Highly Educated - V3 Titanium Nail Turbine 14mm Features:

  • V3 thin fins are able to move freely up & down the entire length of the shaft, allowing nail height to be adjustable
  • Counter-weight can be unscrewed to accommodate smaller glass joints
  • Turbine nail head
  • Threaded Shaft Diameter: 0.185" inches 4.70 mm
  • Standard Shaft Length: 1.750" inches 44.45 mm
  • 14 mm 1.75" Standard Assembly
  • Length: 1.91" / 48.51mm
  • Counter Weight Diameter: .310" / 7.87 mm
  • Joint Size: 14 mm
  • Material: Grade 2 Titanium
  • Polished Easy to Clean Surface
  • Engraved Highly Educated logo
  • Made in the USA
  • Weight: .26 (oz)

Additional Info

Additional Info

Product NameHighly Educated - V3 Titanium Nail Turbine 14mm
Style / TechniquesNo
Product TypeNails & Bangers
Brand/ArtistHighly Educated
Product UseConcentrate
Joint Size14mm Female, 14mm Male


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