Jon Gietl (Snodgrass) UV Gold Minute Hammer Pipe (Lucy Color)

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Jon Gietl is Ginny Snodgrass's husband who is a glassblower and has worked with Ginny for many years.Jon carries on the techniques of his father-in-law, Bob Snodgrass, the original discoverer of silver and gold fume techniques in glassblowing. This "minute hammer" style pipe is made entirely up of the UV reactive glass color, lucy, and illuminates bright and hot pinks under the black UV light. When it is not under ultraviolet light, it features heavy silver and gold color changing effects with different psychedelic dot and line patterns.

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  • Weight: 1.08 oz.
  • Height: 1.31 in.
  • Width: 0.96 in.
  • Length: 3.36 in.
  • Made in late 2021-22

Additional Info

Additional Info

Product NameJon Gietl (Snodgrass) UV Gold Minute Hammer Pipe (Lucy Color)
Material(s)Borosilicate Glass, UV-Reactive Glass
Style / TechniquesFuming, Lampworking, Sculpting
Product TypeHammers, Spoons
Brand/ArtistJonathan Gietl (Snodgrass)
Product UseFlower


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